I've always loved taking photographs. Still memories you can hold in your hand forever.

Growing up, I would take photos on my parent's polaroid camera and find the instant product fascinating. Although you can obtain digitals right after a session, I am whole-heartedly a film photographer because of it's history and the timeless experience it gives my clients.

my photography story

why I shoot film

I started shooting my Dad's 35mm film camera in high school and have been in love with the look of it ever since. There's a magic to film that can't be recreated with digital and I strive to give my client's the best look possible on the most special day of their lives. If you'd like to see digital v. film comparisons, I'd love to send some your way!

about me

Hello there! I'm the human behind the camera here at Antiquarian. I grew up in Vermont and now live with my goldendoodle in a studio apartment in NYC. I enjoy local farmer's markets, cooking and people-watching. My favorite holiday is St. Patrick's Day and I always have my camera with me! I'd love to chat with you over coffee or drinks!

favorite things

- long walks on the beach

- the TV show FRIENDS

- ice cream trucks